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The Soap Making Process

design - there's more than meets they eyeThe process that results in soap is called saponification. True soap is made by combining sodium hydroxide (lye), oils and or fats, and water or milk in a process known as saponification. This process takes several days to complete. A natural byproduct of saponification is glycerin. Handmade, cold process soap retains this naturally occurring, moisturizing glycerin, which is a wonderful skin softening emollient. Almost all commercially manufactured soaps that we buy today remove the glycerin and contain cheap fillers, detergents, and preservatives.

Our handcrafted goat milk soap is made in small batches, one batch at a time, to produce a rich, creamy goat milk bar of soap. Enjoy the luxurious and relaxing world of natural soap, made by hand the old-fashioned way!

Goat Milk

design - there's more than meets they eyeFor Centuries, the benefits of bathing in milk have been known for it’s nutritional, healing, and moisturizing qualities. Milk is rich in proteins, vitamins, and minerals and is a wonderful skin softener. Goat’s milk makes soap gentle and especially kind to sensitive skin. We use only 100% farm fresh whole goats milk. The Nubian goats that provide the milk are raised in a clean and natural environment providing the highest quality milk.


design - there's more than meets they eye
Our rich and creamy soap is made with 100 % whole goats milk, no powdered milk or added water. We use no tallow or lard. Depending on variety, our soap contains coconut oil, olive oil, canola oil, shea butter, palm oil, pure vegetable oil, sodium hydroxide (lye) (without which soap would not be soap), and the finest fragrance or essential oils we can find.

Our soap is shaped into two categories. The first are chunky bars that are stamped with “goat milk”, average about 7 oz. The second are molded bars of soap which average about 4 oz of soap. We have a variety of shapes including horse head, Nubian goat head, goat body, dog, cat, pig, rooster, two bunnies, ducks, dolphins, lighthouse with dolphins, paw prints, ladybug, dragonfly, beehive, butterfly, hummingbird, frog, flower pot, arabesque, half round, morning glory, shell, rose heart, wave.

Fragrances: Our line includes wonderful lasting fragrances of Lavender, Moonlight Path, Cucumber Melon, LoveSpell, Bay Rum (masculine fragrance), Chai Tea, Blackberry Sage, Cranberry, Heather, Lime Verbena, Magnolia Melba, Mango Madness, Summer Strawberry, and of course unscented. We are always adding new fragrances and there is an almost unlimited quantity available upon special request.

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